Women in Politics Headshots

The woman behind the FilipinaYEG blog!

“Our most significant life project is ourselves. We have to continue discovering what we are capable of, protecting what we value most, embracing who we are, and understanding what is happening around us.”

Canada has been my country since immigrating at 16, and Edmonton has been my home since 2008. The discoveries, current challenges and my future dreams inspired me to launch FilipinaYEG. My goal is that as I go through this journey called life, that in some way I get to inform, inspire and make an impact to those around me.

I hope that the blog gives you something to ponder, to share, to act on. While we are more than the sum of our parts, being a survivor, a woman, immigrant, orphan, millennial, and more, shapes my perspective. I know that many of you can relate to these viewpoints and can share wisdom and solidarity on similar experiences.

Enjoy reading, learning and sharing!

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